Translation of internet and e-commerce sites

If you want an online presence, you need a website, and when business leads us to establishing contacts in countries different to our own, it creates the need to communicate in another language through a top-quality translation. Together with the client, SoundTrad identifies the right translation strategy for the project, taking into account SEO keywords and aiming to represent the site’s communication at its best in the target language. We have dedicated software for this kind of translation, making this specific linguistic task simpler and smoother.

Nowadays, many businesses have a dedicated e-commerce section of their website to be able to sell their products online. At SoundTrad we know that product descriptions on an e-commerce site are of vital importance to make it absolutely clear to the buyer what they are purchasing, and when business leads to the international market it is crucial that these descriptions are translated as accurately as possible. Product name translations, product description translations, and product component translations are all essential for reaching a greater number of users.

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