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When choosing the type of translation and web localisation service for your meeting, you may feel a bit lost. But luckily, you’ve found us, true experts in translation and web localisation services

Translation is the art of conveying a message from one source language in another target language.

It is a difficult process in which perfect knowledge of the target language, i.e. the language into which one is translating, and the original language is paramount.

You need to know how to deal with specific terminology and software, you need to have an extensive knowledge of the field of the document, and know how to write impeccably, as the readers of our translations will be native speakers, and therefore extremely sensitive to even the smallest of nuances of the text they read.

At SoundTrad, our translation agency in Brescia, Italy, we pay special attention to every single aspect in the translation and localisation process.

With us, your texts will be localised perfectly, because our collaborators are all native speakers specialised in the field of the text they have to translate.

localizzazione nella traduzione

What does translation localisation mean?


Localisation in translation means carrying out a certain type of cultural localisation. “Cultural localisation” indicates the entire set of actions taken on a text to create a final product that the target audience can enjoy.

An example? The terminology choices when translating the term “camicia su misura” into English.

By looking it up in any Italian-English dictionary, we see that the translation of “su misura” is “tailored”.

However, in the tailoring industry in the UK, the term “bespoke” is often used.

Interesting, don’t you think?

Well, all this terminology localisation research is constantly carried out by our translators, to create products that are beautiful to read and clear to the expert target audience, where the translator is at work, yet invisible.

Website localisation: meaning and purpose

Localising a website means translating its content so that users of the target language can understand it and benefit from it.

Again, literal translations or word for word translations will not suffice: a translation-editing process of its contents is instead necessary.

A translator therefore needs to work on the content and adapt it to the linguistic and cultural context of the target audience, taking into account many aspects, including the localisation of units of measurements, such as the conversion between feet and metres, for example.

traduzione e localizzazione

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