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Translation and interpreting services in Brescia

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To communicate is to create stable and lasting relationships.

It is a union and relationship between people.

And when globalisation comes into play, knowing languages becomes crucial.

Translation is the perfect means in these cases, because it succeeds in creating permanent bridges regardless of language, resulting in lasting relationships.

At SoundTrad, our translation agency in Brescia, we help you build those bridges, so that you can cross insurmountable borders and create close bonds in every corner of the world.


Since 2019, we have been offering our translation services in Brescia with mother-tongue translators to national and multinational companies.

We are young, tech savvy, fast, resourceful and good at problem solving.

If you need a translation in Brescia in record time, we’re a safe bet.

Translation services in Brescia

Sworn translations in Brescia

At SoundTrad, we only work with professional mother-tongue translators to carry out our sworn translations in Brescia.

Sworn translations are legal translations that must be sworn in court to certify that what is written in the original document has been faithfully reproduced in the translation.

In the case of sworn Italian-English translations, for example, the professional working there will be one of our native speaker translators born and raised in an English-speaking country, such as the United Kingdom or the United States of America.

An example of sworn translations in Brescia?

Here are a few:

  • Translations or revisions of birth certificates
  • Translations of marriage certificates
  • Translations of death certificates
  • Translations of acquisitions
  • Sworn translations of report cards in Brescia
  • Sworn translations of university documents

Requesting sworn translations in Brescia will be a walk in the park, regardless of the language into which they have to be translated.

Technical translations in Brescia

A technical translation is the translation of any technical document into the language spoken by the end readers.

Our entire team at SoundTrad, our translation agency Brescia, is specialised in multilingual translations of technical texts of various kinds, such as:

  • Translation of mechanical manuals
  • Translations of user manuals
  • Translations of operator manuals
  • Italian-French translations of technical drawings
  • English-Italian translations of security documents

But that’s not it.

Any manual, text, document, web page, landing page with technical content that has to be translated into a language other than the original is what we specialise in.

The best translation technique for this type of text?

Classical translation performed by native speakers, or PEMT, or post-editing machine translation.

With this method, the professional performs a thorough revision of a text that has been automatically translated.

It is not the best solution for marketing and more creative texts, but can be perfect for you if you are in a great hurry, have large volumes of words and very repetitive texts.

Translations in Brescia for the luxury goods industry

The fashion and luxury goods industry shines everywhere in the world, which is why it is important to translate its contents into the language of the reader.

With a translation agency in Brescia like us, you can translate product sheets of your fashion items as well as descriptions of your luxury goods on your landing page.

You can range from the localisation of your brand’s website from Italian to English, the translation of your product descriptions, the transcreation of your advertisement to PEMT, for more technical and repetitive texts.

Texts belonging to the fashion and luxury goods industry are often rich in adjectives, metaphors, hyperboles.

As well as many technical terms, which only an experienced translator is able to translate into their working language.

A translation agency in Brescia can lend you a precious hand in translating fashion or luxury goods texts in the best possible way, in this province of Lombardy.

Did you know that there is a specific technical dictionary just for fashion terms?

Yes, that is why experience is paramount in this specialisation, especially as the most important fashion weeks approach.

Many translation techniques with one goal: to make your brand famous worldwide.

traduzioni moda

Translations for the tourism industry in Brescia

Let go and fly away with SoundTrad, your translation agency in Brescia, with tourist translations that are so good that even an advertising flyer will catch people’s attention.

Because that’s what it’s all about: winning over audiences that speak a language other than our own, whatever that may be.

Think of Lake Garda and all the tourists from northern European countries who come to visit us.

The Italian-German translations in Brescia that we at SoundTrad offer look like original texts, because our translators in Brescia are all native speakers.

With our translations in Brescia, you can offer your guests or customers extraordinary brochures, fantastic flyers, dreamlike hotel landing pages, irresistible food and wine websites.

With us at SoundTrad, our translation agency in Brescia, welcoming your guests in another language has never been easier.

Financial translations in Brescia

If you need a financial translation in Brescia, you are in the right place.

The SoundTrad translation agency in Brescia has many native speakers who can translate your financial text.

This is another very specialised type of translation, where experience and accuracy are essential requirements for a successful result.

The translation of an accounting statement is certainly not a piece of cake; one needs to be perfectly familiar with the technical words of both the source and target languages (i.e. the language one translates and the one of the translated text).

Not to mention the translation of financial statements, where the translator’s eagle eye for detail must report every single number perfectly and never make a mistake.

That is why it is sometimes better to add an extra step before delivery: the revision of the text by a second language expert.

Computational linguistics service in Brescia

linguistica e chatbot

At Soundtrad, our translation agency in Brescia, we love technology and innovation.

That is why we are also dedicated to futuristic projects such as computational linguistics, one of the new frontiers of artificial intelligence.

What is the goal of computational linguistics?

Giving a voice to chatbots, for example.

Are you familiar with those chat rooms on many websites that immediately answer any question you ask them? That’s it.

Through the creation of dedicated teams, we have carried out several projects with multilingual chatbot translations in Brescia.

Marketing translations in Brescia

After analysing the text and choosing the right professional mother-tongue translator and the client’s green light, SoundTrad, our translation agency Brescia, starts working on the most creative, targeted and compelling marketing translations it can make.

What’s one thing that sets us apart when working on our marketing translations?

We select the right professional and the right technique for you.

If you have to translate a commercial, a banner or a payoff, for example, we will recommend transcreation.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is a more traditional marketing translation, in which the main aim is to target the greatest number of prospects for your product, then we will recommend a more traditional translation, carried out by a professional mother-tongue translator in Brescia, perhaps with a ToV study.

What does ToV mean?

ToV stands for ‘tone of voice’. The way you want your text to speak, whether more targeted to the detached professional or to a more informal and warm tone.

The tone of voice in fashion translations for marketing is crucial, for example.

We will deal with selecting the right professional translator in Brescia that is specialised in these writing techniques.

All you have to do is write to us and hit send with your text attached.

Interpreters in Brescia

If you need an interpreter in Brescia, this is the perfect landing page for you.

We at SoundTrad, a translation and interpreting agency in Brescia, can help you if you need a language expert to do a simultaneous interpretation in Brescia for you.

An interpreter in Brescia for your meeting, convention, interview for your business trip, business call or remote meeting.

Every opportunity is good to ask for the linguistic support of a simultaneous interpreter in Brescia, in the case of two or more interlocutors speaking different languages.

A member of our team at SoundTrad, our translation and interpreting agency in Brescia, can offer you a French interpreter in Brescia, an English interpreter in Brescia, one or more Russian interpreters in Brescia.

Simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, chuchotage or liaison interpreting may be required.

It all depends on what you need for your event.

Our translators in Brescia
are all exclusively native speakers

The entire team of SoundTrad, our translation agency in Brescia, is made up of native speakers.

What does being a native speaker mean? It means you were born and raised in the country of the language in question, or that you have at least one parent with these characteristics.

For example, a native speaker of American English was either born and raised in the United States of America, or has a parent who was born and raised in one of the 52 North American states.

A professional translation carried out by native speaker translators in Brescia means that the text has been rigorously translated by a professional translator who speaks the language into which the text is translated as their native language, and that the translation will be delivered without any problems to whomever requests the service in Brescia.

But being a native speaker is not enough to translate well.

The translators at SoundTrad, our translation agency in Brescia, are all professional translation and interpreting graduates, specialised in your field and with excellent writing skills.

A mother-tongue translator in Brescia specialised in medical/pharmaceutical translations may not be suitable for a more creative translation, such as an advertising translation.

This is another important task of a translation agency: to choose the right professional for each text to be translated.

Tell us about your translation project in Brescia

What is your project?

Send us a message, email or call us. We will prepare a tailor-made quote for you each time. (If you also attach the text to be translated, the quote will come even faster!)