Translations for the entertainment industry


There is great demand for translations for the entertainment industry.

Think of a foreign format being imported into Italy, or an Italian format being exported abroad.

Any script and document must be translated into the language of the country where you want to export your product.

Legal translations for the entertainment industry, contract translations, script translations, translations of new format presentations. You may need all of this for your entertainment product to be a great hit abroad.

traduzioni per entertainment

At SoundTrad, we offer translation and multimedia localisation services, and can help you with your internationalisation project.

If you are a broadcast producer or distributor, a film production company, a digital media company, a celebrity blogger or you have a web TV or blog that you would like to export abroad, or work at an agency that deals with advertising, e-learning, sports or media, you are in the right place.

With our entertainment translation service, we can cross national boundaries and take your product around the world.

Our native collaborators with extensive experience in the entertainment industry will work on your project to help you achieve your goals.

Our work method

This is our work method for translations in the entertainment industry:

  • We analyse the product that needs to be translated;

  • We select the professional native translator who will work on your project;

  • We choose any technological software to achieve the highest quality for every job;

  • We revise the translated product;

  • We deliver it to the client;

  • We wait for feedback or a request for any changes.

We are specialised in translations for the entertainment industry, such as:

  • Script Translations

  • Simultaneous interpreting for TV shows

  • Consecutive interpreting for events

  • Translation of synopses

  • Translation for dubbing

  • Translation of subtitles

  • Blog translations

  • Translations for YouTube

traduzioni settore spettacolo

Today the media is an integral part of everyone’s life.

Raise your hand if you have never gone on a blog. Or some channel on YouTube. Raise your hand if you have never seen a show or film on a streaming or online platform.

In the world we live in, everyone has seen a show on a smart TV at least once in their life, and translating the content played on these media platforms has become crucial.

But providing translations for the entertainment industry isn’t enough to be successful.

Audiences in the digital age are very demanding; they like high-quality content that surprises, excites, impresses them.

Providing mere translations is no longer enough. Now translations for the entertainment industry must produce the same emotions, they must surprise, excite and impress the audience just like the original product.

The translator is at work, yet remains hidden behind their translation.

A Korean series must be able to excite Italian audiences in the same way as its original Korean audience.

An American film must have an impact on Italian viewers in the same, identical way as the original.

A Spanish documentary must convey all its nuances to the new audience, in their language.

Along with the new smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and computers are more present than ever before in our daily lives.

Social networks and blogs are no different, so much so that we could also call them products of the entertainment industry.

Likewise, a video uploaded to one’s YouTube channel, Facebook page or Instagram profile is a product.

The translation of a blog for celebrity bloggers, for example, may require translation services for the entertainment industry.

One of SoundTrad’s values is its constant responsiveness in every project.

With us you are in safe hands: from the moment your entertainment translation project begins, we are always there, ready to answer any question or make any necessary changes.

Not sure what entertainment-related translation you need?

Don’t worry. Get in touch with us and request a free quote for your project.

We will make a detailed analysis of everything you need for your product to be a hit abroad and start working together to quickly achieve your goals.

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