Medical-pharmaceutical translation


The translation of medical texts is a highly specialised type of translation.

Only a trained medical translator who is a native speaker of the target language (the language into which the text is translated) can translate documents from this field.

The types of texts to be translated can cover as many different topics as those produced by clinical research.

traduttore medico
traduttore medico inglese italiano

In medical-scientific translation, medical translators must be experts in English medical terminology, as most documents to be translated are in English.

English-Italian medical acronyms, technical scientific language, the name of a drug’s active principle, how to translate an informed consent, legal translation knowledge for agreements between CRO, sponsor and facility, how to translate a clinical protocol.

These are just a few examples of the documents a medical translator can work on, by way of example and not as an exhaustive list (just to give an example of specific technical wording).

Our work method

This is our work method for medical-scientific translations:

  • We analyse the product to be translated;
  • We select a professional native medical translator that is specialised in the specific field of the medical project;
  • We choose any technological software to achieve the highest quality for every job;
  • We revise the translated medical-scientific document;
  • We deliver it to the client;
  • We wait for feedback or a request for any changes.

We are specialised in the translation of medical documents, such as:

  • Translation of informed consent forms (or ICFs)
  • Translation of clinical protocols
  • Translation of collaboration contracts for clinical studies
  • Translation of pharmaceutical package leaflets
  • Translation of clinical trials
  • Translation of medical and electromedical devices
  • Translation of clinical studies
  • Review of changes to medical documents
  • Translation of patient cards

Pharmaceutical and medical translations are probably among the most difficult types of translations.

Pharmaceutical medical documents to be translated are usually from English into another target language (such as the translation of an English-Italian clinical study).

However, we are talking about a very specialised type of technical translation, where in-depth knowledge and studies are required to achieve optimal results.

Precision and attention to detail, even the smallest of details, is paramount.

The translation of the dosage of a drug, for example, must be correct, the same goes with the number of weeks required to conduct a clinical trial, or the date when a patient must go to the centre for experimental trials.

Everything must be translated perfectly.

Clinical research texts are usually written by more than one person, which is why revision by a third-party, a native translator that is specialised in the field is always required, to avoid even the smallest of errors.

Unlike economic-financial translation, for example, which also concerns very technical documents, or the translation of technical manuals, medical-scientific translation requires an even higher level of specialisation.

A medical translator may be an expert in medical or electro-medical devices, but may not have the necessary knowledge for the medical translation of a package leaflet of an new experimental drug, for example.

This is why selecting the right professional is the foundation of a good medical-pharmaceutical or medical-scientific translation.

Clinical research is progressing fast and steadily, and so is medical-pharmaceutical translation, which contributes to the expansion of new discoveries worldwide, in any language.

Pharmaceutical translation, a universe to be explored

Medical acronyms, specialised documents from English into Italian, revisions of changes to clinical protocols, translations of clinical research texts.

Medical translation and pharmaceutical translation are fascinating in each of their specialisations.

Every single branch of medicine has a universe of medical terms and standard expressions approved by the Ethics Committees of each country, which must be strictly followed.

But that’s not all.

In medical and pharmaceutical translations, we can find terms belonging to biology, nursing, radiology, chemistry or even artificial intelligence, as in the case of translations for artificial intelligence in medicine.

It is a type of translation in its own right, a niche within a niche with many sub-groups, countless technical terms and knowledge to be acquired, understood and then used.

The translation on cardiology is different from the translation of a privacy policy for patients who decide to participate in a clinical trial, for example.

Every translation requires its specialised English-Italian medical translator to convey the information of the original document in the translation without any mistake.

And we at SoundTrad can select the best professional for each of your documents.

Here are some examples of medical texts:

  • Medical-pharmaceutical translation of an informed consent
  • Medical translations of clinical protocols
  • Pharmaceutical translation of patient cards
  • Pharmaceutical translations of information sheets

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