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Translation is an art that is divided into many areas,
as many as there are in the global market.
And a translation service cannot be the same for everyone.

SoundTrad's analysis of the sector requiring a translation

Like any good project, every translation first undergoes an analysis.

In this first stage, we determine what sector the text belongs to, as well as the client’s needs. Then, we determine the type of translation: general, legal, sworn, technical, tourism, audiovisual, financial, scientific, based on the relevant sector.

The next step is to analyse the language(s) into which the text will be translated and the resources needed to carry out the translation; finally, time planning and the start of the project.

First of all, however, we need to understand what sector the text belongs to, so as to choose the best specialised professional for the job, and thus always guarantee perfect results.

settori traduzione

We are specialised in many fields. Which one is yours?

traduzioni legali

Legal translations

The legal field requires experienced translation professionals in said field, to translate texts such as contracts, government documents, and so on.

traduzioni moda

Luxury, fashion,
perfumery, jewellery translations

The luxury sector, on the other hand, requires the skills of experts in haute couture, fashion, jewellery, perfumery.

traduzioni per l’entertainment


This sector requires translations that preserve the gist of audiovisual texts or other types of entertainment-related documents in one or more foreign languages, including scripts, for television and film, for example.

settore tecnico

Technical translations

This sector is very broad, and includes many different types of translations, also known as specialised translations, including translations of manuals, technical documents, user manuals, operator manuals.

traduzioni turistiche


Translations are much needed in this field. Service menus for hotels and restaurants, travel books, websites, newsletters from tourist boards... everything has to be translated to reach an international audience.

economico e finanziario

Business & Finance

There is great demand for punctual, accurate translations in this field. Many world-famous institutions, banks, associations and organisations depend on foreign languages to communicate the most important information as clearly as possible.

settore scientifico


This is a truly globalised sector. Scientists from all over the world exchange information, ideas and opinions in many different conferences, scientific articles, books, and to understand each other they have to translate their documents.

settore audiovisivo


Understanding documents written in a foreign language on the television, film and the media industries has become paramount today. Feature films, short films, commercials, news reports, cartoons, concerts, competitions, multimedia presentations: everything has to be translated.

As you can see, every sector requires its own specific translation by a professional translator that is specialised in the relevant field, such as the legal sector, in the case of a legal text, the luxury industry, in the case of fashion product descriptions, the entertainment industry, if you have a script for a TV series, or the technical sector, in the case of translations of technical manuals.

Each sector has its own professional mother-tongue translator

A native translator that is specialised in the entertainment or audiovisual industry is the best professional for translations of scripts or even subtitles for videos shot in a language that is not spoken by the target audience.

Instead, a native translator in the technical field will be better suited for the translation of manuals, appliance instructions, engineering projects and scientific reports than for other types of documents.

Of course, the same is true for professional translators specialised in the luxury industry, the legal sector and the tourism industry, for example. Each of them will have extensive knowledge of the technical and specialised terminology of each text, which will change from sector to sector.

Our number one priority is to offer the very best service for each project, regardless of the size of the text, by thoroughly analysing the source document and the sector it belongs to, to assign the project to the team and to the translators that are native speakers and most competent in the field.


settori traduzione

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