Various resources aimed at a single goal: professional, accurate translations

SoundTrad relies exclusively on mother-tongue translators, supporting the client throughout the entire translation project from start to finish, so that top quality is guaranteed every time.

As well as translation, SoundTrad also carries out revision and proofreading of every translated text in order to provide a professional product. Before a translated text is delivered to the client, it is checked by a reviser: a second translator who re-reads and, if necessary, corrects their colleague’s work. In this crucial, delicate stage, as well as checking for grammatical and structural errors, the text must also be checked to see if it reads smoothly and if the translation is faithful to the original.
Perfect knowledge of the source language is an absolute must, and when mixed with excellent terminology research, will give the best result possible, while being faithful to the source text.
The aim of the revision service is to render the text engaging, pleasant and readable in the chosen language. This means that the text will not appear to the reader as a translation, but as a text specifically written for readers of the target language.

Step 1

A request for a quote from the client
The foundation of our work is meeting and getting to know our clients. At this stage, their requests and the conditions necessary for the project are established.

Step 2

Analysis of the project
Next, we analyse all the tasks necessary for successfully completing the project.

Step 3

Selection of the most suitable native speaking linguist for the demands of the project
We leave nothing to chance. For each individual situation we identify the most suitable and experienced professional in that field.

Step 4

Sending the quote to the client
Once the numbers and resources have been established, we send the client the exact quote for the work requested.

Step 5

Carrying out the translation
When everything has been agreed, we get to work. For this stage, knowledge, passion and energy are used to their fullest.

Step 6

Revision of the translation by a mother-tongue reviser
Before delivery we make sure we are providing an impeccable, attentive service. To this end, we entrust the revision of the text to a second professional who will polish the work of their colleague.

Step 7

Delivery of the translation to the client
We deliver the project without overlooking the true final phase: ensuring client satisfaction.


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