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Imagine an SEO copywriting service agency writing your article for you to be placed in the top positions of Google.

Now think about marketing copywriting services created specifically for your brand (or of your customers), also entrusted to the same agency.

If we then add that the same SEO copywriting service agency also provides translations of SEO-written texts in the language of your choice, then it’s the perfect package.

Fantastic, isn’t it?

SoundTrad can offer you all this, in the language of your choice.

When does someone need a web copywriting service?

Web copywriting services are needed whenever we need to write online content.

They range from SEO-driven editorial writing to the creation of social media posts to email copywriting services.

We at SoundTrad can help you write your text together with our creative team, SEO experts, keyword research and tone of voice.

After selecting the right copywriter for your project, the magic begins, until the final delivery to the client.

Because artificial intelligence is great, but the copywriters’ creativity of the copywriters writing for you is even greater.

SoundTrad's copywriting services

Copywriting services for corporate websites

Copywriting services for corporate website blog articles

Once the structure of the site has been created, a web copywriting service is needed to fill the pages with content the public (and Google) are interested in.

Writing for the digital community is both fascinating and complex.

You have to use the right terms that have an impact on the user, and the keywords that catch the attention of the world’s most important search engine, without ever being repetitive.

We at SoundTrad, an SEO copywriting services agency, can write texts for you and offer you all this (and more):

  • Study of your brand’s ToV
  • Searching for keywords to include in your content
  • SEO-friendly editing of every page of your site

If you are also interested, we can localise everything in the language of your choice to expand your business to infinity and beyond.

If you already have all the content on your website, but you want to push your business on the Italian web, the best thing you can do is to request a web copywriting service for editorial blog articles.

In this case, special writing techniques need to be used to write SEO articles that Google will like, and we at SoundTrad, an SEO copywriting services agency, can help you with that.


  • By proposing an editorial plan for your blog articles
  • By searching for the necessary keywords for each article
  • By writing your article with our web copywriting service

If you then wish to explore the global digital universe, we can write your editorial articles directly in English, with our SEO copywriting service in English.

Copywriting services for social media posts

Copywriting services for off-line content

Being present on social media is essential to intercept users also outside working hours.

And we at SoundTrad, an SEO copywriting services agency, can help you write very good social media posts.

You can request our copywriting service for social media when you have to:

  • Write Facebook posts
  • Add content to your Instagram pictures
  • Make the most of LinkedIn with excellent content

You know we translate, don’t you?

Two birds with one stone, because if you translate LinkedIn content you can reach even more users (it has millions of members). 

Copywriting is more than just digital writing.

With a good off-line copywriting service, you can create amazing content for many different types of texts:

  • E-books
  • Catalogues
  • Presentations
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Power Point presentations
  • Posters

And after our copywriting service, if you want, we can translate all your marketing articles into the language of your choice.

Mother-tongue translation and copywriting services

One of the features that sets us apart is our mother-tongue translation and copywriting services.

Each of our projects is carried out only by native speakers of the language of the final reader.

So what does native language translation and copywriting mean?

It means that the copywriter who writes the texts for Italian blogs will have to be exclusively Italian, while the translator who translates the same texts into English will be an English native speaker (British or American, owing to the differences in the types of English in the world).

Therefore, blog copywriting accompanied by translation involves writing, translating and copywriting services in native languages performed by various professionals.

Tone of voice becomes an essential part of the study that comes before the creation of texts, even the smallest ones, as in the case of the creation and translation of calls to action.

Various disciplines come together for beautiful web writing projects that turn prospects and retain existing customers.

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