Computational linguistics for your chatbot

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Computational linguistics is the study of computer systems aimed at understanding and producing natural language.

In a nutshell, computational linguistics aims to teach chatbots, for instance, to understand the user and provide them with the right answers to their questions.

You know when you write in a website chat to ask for some information?

Well, at that moment, you are interacting with a chatbot, the product of many computer engineers’ and computational linguistics experts’ work.

Some are so well trained that we often don’t even realise we are talking to a machine rather than a human operator.

This is exactly what computational linguistics is useful for: to enable computers to interact with users using a natural language.

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What is the goal of computational linguistics?

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Computational linguistics is about interacting with computers using natural language.

Automatic language processing is used to try to teach language notions to a machine for the following reasons:

  • To interact with humans in a natural way
  • To automatically extract information from texts and other media
  • To improve one’s language skills

When it comes to computational linguistics applied to chatbots, Question Answering is very important, as it provides dynamic answers to questions asked by human users, who naturally speak and write in their native language, using natural language.

Computational linguistics is an interdisciplinary research field that comprises specialisations such as computer science, linguistics and translation.

Since the main purpose of computational linguistics is to teach a machine how a certain language group speaks, experienced native speakers are needed to provide the right training in their native language.

Chatbots, for instance, are media used by various multilingual sites, with users speaking and writing to one another in different languages. Training the bots with the different languages and language variants requires the contribution of linguists with expertise in the field, as they can provide the right training to teach the machine new expressions.

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What SoundTrad can do for you

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We at SoundTrad can help you in your computational linguistics project by creating the team of native speakers who will train your chatbot.

You provide us with the INTENTS, while we help you complete the search intents in the languages you need, European and non-European, by creating ad hoc training.

We offer training for computational linguistics in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Polish, modern Greek, as well as all the necessary variants based on the country where the site with its chatbot will be launched.

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