The whole story

SoundTrad is founded on co-founder Chiara Scaramelli’s decades of experience in the world of translation. Chiara has two degrees: one in foreign languages and literature, and the other in translation and interpreting, gained in Spain at the University of Cordoba. Chiara has worked on a freelance basis with large companies and big names, including 3-time Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro, major companies in the entertainment sector, in the industrial, commercial and legal sector, and for private clients.

Our mission at SoundTrad is based on four fundamental principles: Punctuality, Quality, Accuracy, Problem Solving.


Precision, accuracy and punctuality are just some of the strengths of our work. Once a delivery date and time has been agreed, the project begins to take shape, and in 90% of cases will be delivered ahead of time. Delays are not an option in our profession. A project delivered on time means enormous benefits for the end client, not to mention the security of having a totally reliable partner by your side.


Obtaining a top-quality text is crucial for every client, regardless of their sector. Quality for us means good work, and a fair, ethical approach with our clients. Quality really is everything in our profession: the guarantee of providing a first class “keys in hand” product every time, ready to use, without the need for any other intermediaries, visually pleasing and smooth to read. Our team consists only of qualified, degree-holding professionals highly skilled in their profession, in order to provide a product of the highest standard every single time.


A text that accurately reflects the original and is written correctly in a flowing, readable style: this is the imperative behind every single project we work on. While a perfect knowledge of the source language is extremely important, being able to write in the target language is even more so. Our aim is to be present without intruding on the text, because the translator’s hand should accompany the text while always remaining undetectable.

Problem solving

The project manager is not just a professional able to organise a translation project perfectly: they will accompany the client throughout every step of the project, advise them and support them, and have highly developed problem-solving skills. Do you need to find an interpreter for your meeting but don’t know who to turn to? Don’t worry, we will take care of it. Do you need a translation in record time? Call us, your work will be in safe hands.