About us

SoundTrad is synonymous with Fausto and Chiara, the founders of a young, dynamic translation agency with cutting-edge technology. SoundTrad is the result of 10 years’ work in the world of translations, with collaborators that are passionate about their work. Our mission is to bring people from all over the world closer together: we can achieve this by internationalising our brands and helping those who do not speak our language know us better. We are an extraordinarily dynamic translation and language service company: we are always ready to take on new challenges, we are reliable and always responsive.

Our team of professional native translators is always ready to help you overcome your language challenges: our services include, for example, the technical translation of manuals, the translation of websites, as well as interpreting services, such as medical interpreting and consecutive interpreting during business meetings.

Because of our passion for languages and communication, we’ve taken on important, demanding challenges. This required a lot of hard work, but it definitely bore fruit: we provided a translation and simultaneous interpreting service for the entertainment industry in Rome, for the Banijay Group, before and during the shooting of the TV show EUROGAMES, which aired on Canale 5; we provided simultaneous interpreting services for political events, as well as specialised translation and interpreting services for world-famous medical figures, such as Professor and Nobel Prize winner Luc Antoine Montagnier.

Our portfolio is rich and constantly growing with new translation and interpreting projects.

Let us help you, and develop your internationalisation project too.

Our method

SoundTrad’s goal is very simple: to help our clients become international players to communicate in a language they don’t speak, reach audiences that speak another language, expand and sell their products abroad as well.

How do we do it? With our effective method:

SoundTrad's analysis

  • We analyse each text and determine what sector it belongs to (legal, technical, scientific, tourism, luxury and fashion, food and wine, entertainment, etc.);

  • We analyse the translation job before we get started, to identify all the resources we will need;

  • We harness all human and technical resources at our disposal.

SoundTrad's selection

  • We always select a professional, native translator that is specialised in that given field;

  • We select all the terminology resources required for the project;

  • We assign the job to a project manager who will oversee everything from beginning to end.

SoundTrad Translation/Interpreting

  • We carry out the translation with state-of-the-art translation software;

  • We provide interpreting services, i.e. simultaneous, consecutive, liaison or chuchotage interpreting.

The SoundTrad review

  • The translation is revised by native revisers that are specialised in the field in question and relevant terminology, so as to ensure that the translation is accurate*;

  • We revise the translation in-house with specific programmes, to ensure there are no mistakes, typos, oversights, and consequently guarantee a consistent and cohesive style;

  • We do a quality check to ensure that the previous steps have been followed and everything has been translated correctly;

SoundTrad's assistance

  • We deliver the translation to the client;

  • We are always available if you have any doubts or if there are any changes that need to be made. We look forward to receiving precious feedback from our clients, as this is our most important asset.

The SoundTrad memory

  • All our work is saved in our private archives, and we make daily back-up copies to keep all our documentation safe at all times.

It is a simple, clear, structured method that has always enabled us to complete quality projects on time, and create ad hoc quotes for each assignment.

To us, every client is unique, as is their translation project: our rates are fair and are always based on the difficulty of the project.


Integrity is necessary, honesty is essential, fairness is indispensable and work ethics are paramount.

These are SoundTrad’s values, which are implemented every day, in every large or small project.

Part of our code of ethics is to have the utmost respect for the work of our translators, to value their time, to be clear when preparing quotes and transparent with our clients.

At our translation agency we always help each other; that’s because we believe in teamwork.

A translation is much more than words and concepts moving from a source language to a target language; a translation entails collaboration, passion, studying, helping one another to achieve our client’s goals and always delivering projects of the highest quality.

Another value shared by the entire SoundTrad team is responsiveness.

We are always available, literally.

From the moment a project starts its journey, we are always at your complete disposal, to clarify doubts, answer questions and meet requests.

SoundTrad is always at your side.

Put us to the test and we’ll reach your internationalisation goals together.

SoundTrad is always ready to help you.

The team

Fausto Marniga

Hi, my name is Fausto and I am the founder of SoundTrad. I manage some of our translation agency's projects, I am a digital marketer, as well as a musician and a hardcore Lego fan. This is what the SoundTrad translation agency is to me: SoundTrad is my job, my life and my family.

Chiara Scaramelli

Hi, my name is Chiara, nice to meet you and welcome to our translation agency. Here at SoundTrad I work on translations, transcreation, proofreading and text editing. Oh, and copywriting too, it’s a passion I recently added to my list of favourite things to do (yes, these texts were written by me). These are the languages I speak: Italian, English, French and Spanish, my three passions, which I am able to use every day thanks to SoundTrad and our wonderful team of professional native translators.

Ana Belén R.

Hola, my name is Ana Belén, and I am a native Spanish-speaking audiovisual translator. Translation is more of a lifestyle than a job for me: when I translate I get to travel, preview film scripts and translate everything I read from a foreign language into Spanish. Exciting, don’t you think?

Marissa F.

Hi! My name is Marissa and I am a native translator of American English. Originally from California but with an Italian heart, I have lived in this beautiful country for many years, and I continue practising my mother tongue by translating and interpreting. My greatest passions are cooking and my family.

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